1014 Rosemont Avenue
Danville, Kentucky

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Around the HAD Community

Bate-Wood Community Garden
Bate-Wood community Garden re-established.

New Office
In January 2014 the new office opened to the public.

Bate-Wood Re-Imagined
Many of the apartments in Bate-Wood Homes ruined by the May 2010 flood are now unrecognizable — in a good way.

Annual Pig Roast
Clear skies and beautiful Autumn foliage greeted residents and visitors as they gathered for the annual pig roast.

Centre students at Bate-Wood
Freshman Centre College students recently spent time at the Bate-Wood Community working in the rain gardens.

The Greening of Bate-Wood Homes
Bate-Wood Homes recently created several rain gardens in their community.