Manager's Corner

By Tim Kitts on 01/03/2020 9:00 AM

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Residents are reminded:
In temperatures colder than 32 degrees take precautions to prevent frozen pipes in your living unit by allowing water to flow in a slow drip at the kitchen and bathroom faucets.  Also, open cabinet doors below each sink to allow heat to flow around pipes.  If your pipes freeze up and water is not available from faucets, call 236-6116 immediately during office hours, or call 859-236-6128 after 5 pm weekday, on holidays or weekends for emergencies.  When a call is made for non-emergency service outside of normal business hours, the resident will be charged a service fee.  Any non-emergency maintenance requests need to called in to the office at 859-236-6116 and leave a message with your name, address, and an explanation of the maintenance needed during non-office hours.
Re-exams for ALL Latimer and Arnold Tower residents will be done in January 2020.  Re-exam appointments have been scheduled on Wednesday and Friday mornings from Jan. 3rd to Jan. 31st at the central office.     Be sure that all information in your packet is complete before your appointment, and arrive at the office before your appointment time.  For Elderly/Disabled residents who cannot or should not get out to come to the Main Office for their re-exam, Housing Managers have the ability to do in-home appointments. 
Rent payments are due the 1st of each month.  On-time rent payments must be made for the full amount due shown on your rent statement at a Farmers National Bank location by the 5th of the month.  HAD prefers that rent payments be made at the East Main Street branch of Farmers National Bank located across the street from the Danville US Post Office.  Any late rent payment requires a $25 late fee, and payment for the full amount including late fee must be paid by Money Order at the Housing Authority’s central office.
See complete Snow Removal Policy enclosed.  Tenants have a responsibility to remove snow from their porches and individual walkways.  Apart from reporting any unsafe conditions, residents need to also use good judgment when walking and driving on surfaces that may still be slippery even if they appear to be cleared of ice and snow. 
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