By Tim Kitts on 05/07/2018 9:30 AM

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Only outdoor furniture should be used on porches. Residents are responsible for keeping any potted flowers or vegetables, yard décor and other objects only on porches and out of mowing zones.
Yard crew workers are not responsible for removing items from the lawn area prior to mowing.
Residents who have  flowers or vegetables planted alongside buildings are reminded to keep these gardens weeded and watered. Through the growing season
Arnold Tower residents who enjoy plants on their patios are asked to place a plant saucer under pots to prevent water from running down on neighboring patios.
Sidewalk Chalk - During  summer months many children enjoy using sidewalk chalk for artistic expression.
All residents are reminded that sidewalk chalk is to be used on SIDEWALKS ONLY. Sidewalk chalk or any other drawing materials should not be used on any building surface. Any resident who violates this policy will receive a written Lease Violation.
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