Current significant solicitations, as determined by estimated costs and scope of work will be posted on this website.
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Solicitations Currently Available:

*The drawings and specifications are materials produced with a copyright (2018) by G. Scott & Associates, Architects PLC along with E-tech Consultants, PLLC for this specific project with the Housing Authority of Danville.  Persons may view this bid information on the web site and print at their own risk.  Neither the Housing Authority nor the design team make any guarantees or claims to the quality of any printed material from this website.  Contractors interested in bidding this project should contact Lynn Imaging at or phone at 859.255.1021 for bid sets (printed or digital).  Lynn Imaging will release addenda and any pertinent information during the bid process to Contractors with bid sets coming from their office.  All addenda must be acknowledged for bid to be valid.