Nichols Terrace

The Nichols Terrace housing complex, located off Old Shaker Town Road in Danville, is a family housing area with 39 duplex apartments ranging in size from zero to four bedrooms. The units were constructed in 1964 and have had ongoing and recent renovations. They are air-conditioned, have new windows, storm doors, water heaters, and washer hookups and are designed to be energy efficient. There are handicapped accessible units available within the complex.

Nichols Terrace is in Danville’s Edna L. Toliver and Jennie Rogers Elementary School districts and is surrounded by a community of homeowners. The site features a large shaded play area that will be the future home of a community center for the housing complex. A small community center on site is used for resident programs including a summer free lunch program for children.


To reach Nichols Terrace from Danville’s Main Street, travel east on Main and turn left onto North Third Street and proceed north across Broadway and Lexington Avenue, turning left onto Old Shaker Town Road a short distance from the Third Street and Lexington Avenue intersection. Turn left into Nichols Terrace at the second entrance to the housing site.


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