Admission Criteria


Our administrative team is trained to assist applicants and residents with leasing questions and problems. If you are interested in making an application, please call or come by the central office at:

1014 Rosemont Avenue
Danville, Kentucky
(859) 236-6116
(859) 236-6126

Applications may be picked up at the central office anytime during normal business hours or downloaded in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.PDF) format. The application MUST be filled out by hand, not by computer. You MUST print out the application form. Application interviews are held on Monday and Tuesday.

The application is available in Adobe PDF format. This format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and may be downloaded free.

Personal Declaration

Thank you for your interest in housing with us! Please print the Application Check List as we will need these items returned with your personal declaration.

Application Check List



The Housing Authority of Danville is responsible for ensuring that every individual and family admitted to the public housing program meets all program eligibility requirements. This includes any individual approved to join the family after the family has been admitted to the program. The family must provide any information needed by the Housing Authority of Danville to confirm eligibility and determine the level of the family’s assistance.

FY 2019 Income Limits Summary

Eligibility, Family Definitions and Denial of Admissions 


Tenant Selection

This chapter describes HUD and Housing Authority of Danville policies for taking applications, managing the waiting list and selecting families from the waiting list.

Application Process, Managing the Waiting List and Tenant Selection


Occupancy Standard

The Housing Authority of Danville must establish policies governing occupancy of dwelling units and offering dwelling units to qualified families. 

This chapter contains policies for assigning unit size and making unit offers. The Housing Authority of Danville’s waiting list and selection policies are contained in Chapter 4 Together, Chapters 4 and 5 of the ACOP comprise the Housing Authority of Danville’s Tenant Selection and Assignment Plan.

Occupancy Standards and Unit Offers


Income & Rent Determinations

A family’s income determines eligibility for assistance and is also used to calculate the family’s rent payment. The Housing Authority of Danville will use the policies and methods described in this chapter to ensure that only eligible families receive assistance and that no family pays more or less than its obligation under the regulations.

FY 2019 Fair Market Rents for All Bedroom Sizes

Annual Income, Adjusted Income, Calculating Rent