Food Distribution

     Mobile Food Pantry
The Mobile Food Pantry directly serves clients in an effort to supplement other hunger-relief agencies. A vanload of food is distributed to residents in pre-packaged bags on a monthly basis at most housing authority locations. The Mobile Food Pantry relies mainly on donations through local churches and organizations. This program expands the capacity of local food pantry's in an effort to distribute food while removing barriers that prevent access to underserved areas, and allows for fast and flexible delivery of rescued food and grocery products.
     HAD Food Box Distribution
Any Housing Authority of Danville resident can receive a food box once each month from our Resident Services' Food Pantry. Distribution is the fourth week of each month at Crescent/McIntyre, Latimer Heights, Nichols Terrace, Burckley Homes, Bate-Wood, Coyle Manor, and Linietta Homes. The food box is available to all eligible recipients regardless of race, color, national origin, age, or gender.
     How to Sign Up for Food Distribution
Call 859-324-5720 before the week of distribution and we will put your name on the list to have a food box delivered to you.
     Volunteers Are Welcome
This program is made possible by generous donors and community donations. Volunteers are also   needed to help sort, box, and deliver. If you would like to help or donate, please call Resident Services at 859-324-5720
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