Pet Policy

Pet Policy

All residents who own and/or wish to own a pet must abide by the Housing Authority of Danville Pet Policy.

Pet Registration

Pets may be registered at the HAD Administrative Office at 1014 Rosemont Avenue. Residents must:

  • Have a Certificate signed by a Licensed Veterinarian or state or local authority stating that the pet has received all inoculations required by applicable state and local law.
  • Provide evidence that all cats and dogs have been neutered or spayed.
  • Prove that the animal is properly licensed and registered in accordance with Boyle County requirements.
  • Provide information sufficient to identify the pet.
  • Provide name, address and phone number of one or more responsible parties who will care for the pet if the pet owner dies, is incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to care for the pet.
  • All pets – including registered guest pets—must provide documentation of current shots before being brought onto the property.

For more information:
Download the complete Pet Policy > Pet Policy

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