Crescent Drive

The Crescent Drive housing complex, located adjacent to the McIntyre Homes housing site in Danville, is a family housing area with 40 duplex apartments ranging in size from two to five bedrooms. The units were constructed in 1953 and have had ongoing renovations. They are air-conditioned, have washer hookups and handicapped accessible units are available within the complex.

Surrounded by a community of homeowners, Crescent Drive complex is within walking distance of Danville’s Edna L. Toliver Elementary School and Jackson Park. Located at the rear of the complex is a large wooded area. Several other federal programs are available at the community center for residents of the housing complex including a summer free lunch program for children.


To reach Crescent Drive from Danville’s Main Street, travel west on Main and turn right onto Maple Avenue, left onto West Lexington Avenue and right onto Harding Street. Crescent Drive is the second street to your left.


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Established in 1950, The Housing Authority of Danville is a federally assisted public housing community regulated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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