By Tim Kitts on 07/01/2020 6:00 PM

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As maintenance staff begin to answer routine work orders, we must continue to stay smart and safe during this time. This will protect not only you but our maintenance staff as well.

If anyone from our maintenance staff arrives at your unit for a work order, filter change or pest control spray, we are asking that you either be away during that time, confine yourself in a different room, or at the very least, wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart while they are in your unit.

If you are showing any signs of illness we ask that you call the central office to postpone your work order or let the maintenance staff worker know before they enter your unit.

Our maintenance staff continues to respond to calls of clogged drain lines and continues to find wipes and other articles that should never be flushed down the commodes. Please discard of wipes and other items in the correct way. This puts undo pressure and time on our maintenance staff and could lead to possible charges, lease violation, and even possible eviction.

Regular trash and recycling pickup continues on-schedule. Please place your carts at the appropriate spots and bring them back after pickup.

With our grounds crew in full swing, please remember to pickup any toys, bikes, etc. from your yard at the end of each day and place those in their designated places to prevent accidents from taking place.

AND REMEMBER, AS ALWAYS, PLEASE ONLY CALL THE EMERGENCY AFTER-HOURS PHONE LINE WITH AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY. Respect the off-duty time of our maintenance staff and call in non-emergency work orders during normal business hours.
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